Queenstown Ice was established in the late 1990’s and has been growing steadily every year since. We supply bagged ice, ice sculptures, drink luges, ice buffet displays etc and hire out chiller/freezer trailers, half & whole wine barrels and lighted display trays for our ice sculptures.

Owner Richard Scott purchased the business in 2014 and has made some huge changes and improvements. The biggest of these being the introduction of a machine which makes large 160kg blocks of crystal clear ice which are used for sculpting and are supplied to the 2 ice bars we have here in Queenstown. Due to the way our machines freeze the ice we are able to freeze objects in the blocks for those special custom designed sculptures

We have an A grade food rating and take extreme pride in providing the best quality ice available on time and can normally do last minute delivery’s when needed. As a lot of our customers have problems with lack of storage space over the busy summer period we do daily deliveries and have a large storage capacity which means this is no longer an issue for them. We unload all the ice from our freezer truck into our client’s freezers ready for them to use as needed, or for retail stores it’s ready for sale and sell’s itself. Most of our customers don’t even have to reorder as once we know how much their using we just stop in on a regular basis and keep them topped up.

We supply a large range of businesses from supermarkets, petrol stations, restaurants, bars, hotels, camp grounds, catering company’s etc and you can find our ice anywhere from central Queenstown to as far away as the Glenorchy General Store through to the Arrowtown Village Dairy and beyond.

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Contact us on 0272175617, and we’ll work with you to ensure a successful day, week, or however long you may need us!

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