As Queenstown is New Zealand’s Mecca of restaurants, bars and clubs, there is always a need for a reliable ice supply for when things get busy or the sun is out at full force.

Queenstown Ice works with restaurants and bars in one of two ways. 

The first scenario is that once a restaurant has been established as a regular client they have their freezer stocked on a regular basis or when ordered.  We can provide freezers free of charge for all our customers if storage space is an issue.

The other situation is providing an ice delivery when for example a client’s ice maker isn’t functioning properly, or simply can’t keep up with demand on those hot summer days or the busy periods like Christmas and New Year.  In these cases Queenstown Ice can save you time and labor by supplying you on a daily basis or supply you with a chest freezer which we would keep stocked depending on your needs.

Please contact the ICEMAN on 0272175617 or enquire below to schedule a personal delivery to your business during our regular daily route service.

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Contact us on 0272175617, and we’ll work with you to ensure a successful day, week, or however long you may need us!

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